Top 10 Characters of The Vampire Diaries Ranked

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10. Jeremy Gilbert

Jeremy Gilbert was never that interesting – I’ll say it. At worst, he was the selfish little brother of Elena Gilbert who was extremely prejudiced against vampires and supernatural creatures, even when they were some of his best friends and eventually included his own sister. At best, he was a decent boyfriend to Bonnie and sometimes not the absolute worst in a scene. Sorry (not really).

I will give him this – his life wasn’t that great. His parents died in a tragic car crash, all of their guardians after that died (looking at you, Jenna and Alaric), and his sister did fall in love with vampire brothers that, as soon as they came along, it seems like a dark cloud followed them all around. Plus, he’s a teenager. So, I guess I understand all the doom and gloom moping a little, but Jeremy never really developed or got any better. Even after he died and returned from the beyond later that season, he still came back mopey.

He served as a catalyst for some good storylines, and his death prompted one of the best scenes of the entire show – but aside from that, we weren’t too devastated to see Jeremy Gilbert leave Mystic Falls to travel the country and hunt vampires. (Again, at the time, his sister was one…WTF?)

Thanks anyway, Jeremy Gilbert.