Converse Brings Us That Game of Thrones/Stranger Things Crossover Of Our Dreams


Converse’s newest ad for the never-going-out-of-style Chuck Taylor shoe features Maisie Williams and Millie Bobbie Brown in a bizarre crossover dream.

When I was a teenager in the 90s, Chuck Taylors were already a generation old. The oddly thin and flat looking sneakers were considered the height of teenager comfort while still being cool during the grunge era, despite the fact that they carried over from the previous preppy era of the 1980s.

Add on another 25 years to that, and the shoes are still a staple of teen fashion decades later. Whether it’s the versatility of the shoe itself to come in thousands of colors and patterns, the relative ease in which they can be customized (the canvas takes sharpie very well), or the flat shoe comfort, the damn things are still ubiquitous on high school campuses today.

But Converse needs to make sure that everyone still knows the shoes are as hip today as they were when they first made the transition in the late 70s from the shoes professional basketball players wore to shoes your 13 year old had to have. To that end, they’ve brought along quite a few starts from several genres, including Millie Bobbie Brown from Stranger Things (a show set during the time Chucks first became the high school shoe of choice) and Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones (whose punk tomboy teenage killer character Arya would probably appreciate such comfy shoes.)

Also starring in the commercial (as least that I could identify): Long Beach rapper Vince Staples and model Winnie Harlow, which just makes this Stranger Things/Game of Thrones acid trip of a cross over only that more intriguing.

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And no, the two don’t actually meet. But you know that there are thousands of fans right now pouring out the fan fic for what would happen if they did. Littlefinger would never survive the encounter…