Children Come in like a Wrecking Ball and Ruin Dad’s Interview with BBC News and it Goes Viral


Most parents can relate that kids interrupt you at the worst time. Professor Robert Kelly learned that the hard way when being interviewed by BBC News.

Most adults, especially parents are all too aware that children cannot control themselves, and will interrupt and or embarrass you at the most inopportune time. Add in the fact that, with video technology far better than it has ever been, more and more interviews with various experts are done at home via skype. This is also a cost cutting measure for newsrooms, since it is far cheaper than playing the money to bring them into a newsroom, or an official satellite location.

This potential deadly mix of doing live TV from one’s home office while being the parent of small children has always been a threat while broadcasting. And now, we have the evidence of exactly what it looks like when it happens.

Let us all now take a moment of silence (while shaking with laughter) for poor Robert E Kelly, a Political Science Professor and dad, who had exactly this disaster while giving a live video interview to BBC News.

I’m sure that’s not how Robert Kelly expected his BBC News interview to go, but everyone else is happy it did. Kelly tried to salvage the interview by pushing his toddler out of view of the camera, but she wasn’t having it. And once that baby in the walker toddles in, you knew that interview was over.

The look of terror on the mom’s face was priceless but only second to her trying to get the kids out of the room and shut the door while trying and failing to stay low out of the camera’s shot.

Kelly tried apologizing for the interruption but why? You’re not alone; we’ve all been there before.

Just when you think the story can’t get any funnier Kelly hasn’t realized that the video has gone viral. He assumed that his interview only aired once. Oh, how wrong he is. The tweet of the video has been re-tweeted over 20 thousand times and has been viewed on Facebook over 22 million. That’s going to happen when you give people the most relatable moment of 2017.

You know you’ve gone big when Tom Hanks, everyone’s favorite Hollywood dad tweets out your video.  Hopefully, Kelly can enjoy the viral ride and learn how to lock the door.

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