20 Of The Best Wolverine Stories

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14. Law of the Jungle

If Wolverine’s general aesthetic wasn’t enough of a noir-tinged tale, then perhaps you’ll want to check out Law of the Jungle for an extra boost.

In his downtime between X-Men missions, Wolverine apparently likes to hang around in seedy bars. Raise your hand if you’re surprised. I mean, I would enjoy it if we discover that he likes to settle down with a coffee and his favorite copy of Moby Dick, but no shaming here. Wolverine does what Wolverine wants to do, and I’m definitely not going to tell him what’s what.

While boozing, Wolverine hears a story about a little girl who’s been kidnapped because of his father’s debts. Well, that doesn’t sit right with him (plus, he’s bored), so Wolverine decides to investigate. Anyway, Logan again gets caught up with organized crime, though this time it’s the stateside Mafia and not the Japanese yakuza.

Now, to be fair, Law of the Jungle is probably not for the newbie Wolverine fan. The writing isn’t pitch-perfect and there’s a weird anti climactic confrontation with the Punisher. But maybe that’s because the Punisher seems extra strange when he’s put in the same story as a super powered beast man with claws. However, it’s worth checking out if only for the excellent art by penciler Sean Chen. Plus, there are some fun one-liners.