20 Of The Best Wolverine Stories

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15. The Brotherhood

Do the X-Men have a Human Resources department? Is there someone managing payroll? Does Cyclops sometimes have to come to Professor X asking for vacation time? Does Wolverine have a work cell phone? I’m only asking because, after writing all of this, I’m starting to wonder just how much vacation time Logan has left.

Okay, probably he just takes off whenever he damn well feels like it. It certainly fits in with his ronin theme, first established in his 1980s miniseries. I just wonder how the rest of the X-Men find him when they have an actual mission.

The structure of the story itself is pretty straightforward. Still, in the hands of writer Greg Rucka, it works very well. Wolverine has been trying to take it easy, but when his neighbor Lucy Braddock is murdered, he seeks to avenge her death. At first, he only has the bullets from the gun – the murderers shot Wolverine, naturally, though that never works – but Logan proves to be a pretty good detective.

His investigative work, however, soon turns violent. This is not exactly a kid-friendly story if you hadn’t guessed already. Things get even more complicated when it turns out that Lucy was killed by a mysterious and potentially far-reaching criminal organization.