Where to Watch Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 18 “Rocknaldo”


Steven Universe’s favorite Beach City conspiracy theorist Ronaldo Fryman is back in “Rocknaldo”. Here’s how to live stream it with your tinfoil hat.

From the unspecified mid-season hiatus, to the Stevenbomb leak scandal, Steven Universe Season 4 has been bumpy. Now that the episodes currently airing are past those that were leaked in the Stevenbomb, all us Crystal Gems can get back on the same page.

Last week, Steven’s unexpected extended play date with Connie made him sad about not really knowing his mom Rose Quartz. In the style of Princess Allura and King Alfor, or Sailor Moon and Queen Serenity, he tried to connect with his dead parent through a computer simulation. This turned the episode into a deeper exploration of Steven’s tumultuous feelings about himself, and about Rose.

I love Steven’s growth, but where’s the soft, colorful show I started watching to combat all the darkness in media right now?

This week’s episode promises to delve back into one of the things that makes the show great – Beach City residents living alongside powerful aliens. Ronaldo Fryman, son of “just the bits” Mr. Fryman, is a teen with a penchant for conspiracy theories. His Keep Beach City Weird blog and seemingly wild claims are the source of most fans’ own conspiracies about the show.

This is all Cartoon Network gave us about his mini adventure, though:

"Ronaldo sets out to find all the rock people living in Beach City."

Obviously, this is a play on the fact that the gems are LITERAL rocks.

Will it be a short romp through Beach City as he searches for mythical “rock people”, all the while missing the LITERAL rock people living right down the beach? Will Rebecca Sugar use this filler episode to foreshadow something intense about the Diamonds?

Thursday night, Cartoon Network released an image of a new gem on social media. Could this episode be more gem-centric than we thought?

#TheTruthIsOutThere, and here’s how to watch live and find out:

Date: Friday, Feb. 24.

Start time: 7 p.m. ET
Episode: “Rocknaldo”
TV Channel: Cartoon Network
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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If you miss it live, you can catch new Steven Universe episodes on Cartoon Network’s website or app the next day. Stay tuned on Culturess for all the latest Crystal Gem news.