The Last Jedi Rumor: Are We Going to Visit Supreme Leader Snoke’s Home Planet?


As fans scrounge up as many Star Wars: The Last Jedi details as they can find, a new rumor suggests we may learn where Supreme Leader Snoke came from.

It goes without saying that the only way to beat an iconic villain like Darth Vader would be to create a giant hologram with a disfigured face and a really subtle speech impediment.

Enter Supreme Leader Snoke, one of the big bads of The Force Awakens.

Right now, little is known about the character other than that he tempted Kylo Ren to the Dark Side. And unfortunately, he set him on the path to kill Han Solo. Beyond this, Snoke remains a mystery. However, new reports suggest that we’ll learn more about the character’s origins soon when The Last Jedi hits theaters.

At first, it made me giggle that The Last Jedi wants to give Snoke this much attention. But then I remembered that Lucasfilm created six films that put Emperor Palpatine front and center. Which means, they don’t hesitate to give their villains a generous amount of screentime. However, it’s important to recognize that The Force Awakens introduced Snoke, and Hux, and Kylo Ren, and Captain Phasma, whose storyline they promise to expand on as well. Plus, there may still be more bad guys we haven’t met yet.

The new reports all point to this video:

In it, Mike Zeroh examines filming information provided by Making Star Wars. He connects it to (and this is my guess) the final scenes of The Force Awakens when Snoke commands Hux to find the injured Kylo Ren and take him to safety. According to Zeroh, the planet where the three will meet is Snoke’s home planet Ragnacta.

Now, when Express first put together this idea of Snoke’s home planet, I questioned the validity of these connected dots. Every stretch is followed by a blind maybe, but it did make me think about The Last Jedi. Everyone’s put so much emphasis on the Jedi portion and seeks to attribute any character to the phrase. Even Josh Gad has attempted to hammer Daisy Ridley (Rey) for answers as to “Who are the last Jedi?” (Obviously, he didn’t get very far. But Judi Dench did.)

But what if the word being stressed is the “last” part? We all take that to mean final, but what if it means “previous” instead?

If we take it to mean previous, then it can either apply to Luke Skywalker, who went into isolation after his padawans were killed … or Kylo Ren, who turned to the Dark Side. According to Adam Driver, who plays Kylo Ren, The Last Jedi will carry a darker tone. In addition, we’ll come to understand Kylo Ren’s intentions, too. Which sounds like he’s going have an increasingly significant role in The Last Jedi. Much more so than Snoke.

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The Last Jedi hits theaters on Dec. 15, 2017.