Are Rey and Kylo Ren Connected? Yeah, They’re Both in Star Wars


As Star Wars updates its database, a “curious addition” to Rey and Kylo Ren’s bios leaves the internet tripping over itself with rampant speculation.

To quote the almighty Regina George, “Internet, stop trying to make Reylo happen. It’s not going to happen.”

Obviously, that’s not exactly what she says, but we share similar sentiments about people trying too hard. A recent post from io9 kindly let the internet know that Star Wars updated two of its characters’ biographies. Both Rey and Kylo Ren received two new descriptions ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The addition to Kylo Ren’s is the last line seen below.

Kylo Ren | Bio Screenshot

His reads, “A mysterious connection seemed to link the two.”

Let’s backtrack to the scene shown in that particular picture above. Rey is a girl from the desert planet of Jakku who has had limited contact with people, let alone anyone kind. Then, here comes Kylo Ren, chasing her through a forest, knocking her out with his Jedi mind tricks, shackling her to a chair, then trying to extort information from her. While he doesn’t physically need to touch her, he’s invading her mind without her permission.

Simply put, the connection between them is the Force.

We know that it’s the Force because right after Kylo Ren leaves, Rey realizes she can use mind tricks too. She persuades the Stormtrooper on guard to “remove these restraints and leave the cell with the door open.

Now, here’s Rey’s:

Rey | Bio Screenshot

Apparently, her addition is the line, “with whom she shared a strange connection.”

From the moment Kylo Ren triggered her Force powers, Rey realized that she carried the potential to do more. Ultimately, this leads to their showdown in the woods. In the scene, she takes possession of the lightsaber once again, the same lightsaber that gave her visions of the Knights of Ren slaughtering the padawans and started her on this journey.

Once again, their “strange connection” is the Force.

Remember the moment that Kylo Ren cornered her against the precipice and said she needed a teacher? What did he follow up with? “I can show you the ways of the Force,” he said. He already knows she’s powerful. Therefore, he seems threatened by what she can do. More importantly, he realizes that she can outgrow him. When villains are threatened in this way, they hastily squash down said threats. In this case, he attempts to control her. Previously, a similar situation occurred between Emperor Palpatine and Anakin in the previous films.

However, as we saw, Kylo Ren doesn’t have the power to manipulate her. Or rather, she’s not as susceptible to manipulation as Kylo Ren was under Supreme Leader Snoke.

Here’s the entire interrogation scene in full. I refer back to it because it’s the most time they spending talking to each other throughout the whole movie.

As io9 explains, Kylo Ren and Rey’s respective journeys continue in The Last Jedi. And as we speculate whether this refers to one Jedi or many Jedi, one thing remains certain: Rey and Kylo Ren are connected. Of course, I don’t mean romantically. They both will appear in the film. Furthermore, they both trained with Luke Skywalker. They both use lightsabers. They both knew Han Solo. Neither of them probably think fighting Chewbacca is a good idea.

What else?

Oh, they both have nice hair.

Additionally, io9 calls into question the very existence of the Sith and Jedi. Obviously, these are just labels for the much bigger concepts that are the Light and Dark Side. As of right now, we don’t know which path Rey will choose to follow. We understand that she’s our main heroine right now. Along with Finn and Poe, they exist at the new Star Wars trifecta of a rugged charmer, a do-gooder, and the girl that everyone can look up to. Is it possible that Rey is tempted into becoming the girl who kills Luke Skywalker? Sure, why not.

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But reading too much into her connection to Kylo Ren would be an awful move. It would be like reverting us back to 2002 so we can all relive the moment The Boy Who Hated Sand married The Woman Who Secured Peace For Naboo and sacrificed her independence to be chased by a galactic tiger, a scorpion, and a rhino.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters on Dec. 15.