Watch Judi Dench Ask Daisy Ridley All the Right Star Wars Questions


The saga continues in Josh Gad’s campaign to find out the secrets of Star Wars: The Last Jedi as he enlists Dame Judi Dench’s help.

We give Josh Gad all the points for persistence. In his third staged video from the series “Invite Daisy to My Trailer For Questioning“, Gad goes above and beyond the call of duty and enlists the help of one of the most venerable actresses around to help get some answers. While Judi Dench is famous for movies like A Room With a View and her appearance as M in the James Bond films, she’ll also be appearing in Murder on the Orient Express. Of course, this puts her in close proximity to the keeper of the Star Wars secrets: Daisy Ridley.

So far, Josh Gad is 0/2 with these things. Ridley remains tight-lipped, but how can she resist someone like Judi Dench? The truth is she can’t. As you can watch below, Dame Judi Dench gets straight to the point and asks things like, “Have you been tested for Midichlorians?” and “Is Snoke Palpatine?” But perhaps her most interesting question that will likely set the internet on fire is “What’s the deal with Reylo?”

I would be totally okay if Dame Judi Dench never uttered the word “Reylo” ever again. Obviously, this is an amalgamation of Rey and Kylo Ren’s name, but I won’t be explaining it any further.

Watch below:

I try not to go crazy with speculation, but when Judi asks if Snoke is Palpatine, does Daisy nod? I mean, it’s clear that Dame Judi Dench now knows all the secrets to Star Wars. And if anyone deserves answers, it’s her.

But let me say this: If I see any inch of their Orient Express co-star Johnny Depp’s grungy little self in these videos, I will freak out. It’s bad enough that they shoved him in Fantastic Beasts, please don’t associate him with Star Wars. Or worse, Daisy Ridley.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters on Dec. 15 this year.