Daisy Ridley Will Trade Star Wars: The Last Jedi Secrets for Frozen 2 Details


While on the set of Murder on the Orient Express, Josh Gad tried to get some Star Wars: The Last Jedi details from his co-star Daisy Ridley to no avail.

Star Wars nerds are everywhere. And movie stars are just like us. Take Josh Gad, for example. He’s going to be in the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast and even he’s willing to shamelessly press his co-star for details on December’s new Star Wars film. While filming Murder on the Orient Express, which also stars Daisy Ridley (Rey from The Force Awakens), he invited her to his trailer to ask some serious questions.

Watch below:

After telling Ridley she looks fantastic (which she does, what the heck), Gad goes, “I had an important question to ask you. I’m so sorry. I meant to call you last night. It’s about today’s scene … um, who are the last Jedi?”

Of course, Ridley declines to answer. Even as Gad continues, “Is it one or is it more than one?”

As revealed on Monday, this next Star Wars entry will be titled The Last Jedi. Of course, this leads many to speculate as to who the last Jedi will be. And if Jedi is plural, it begs the question as to who will partake in this ‘Last Jedi‘ club of sorts. But while Ridley refuses to answer any questions, she does bring up Frozen 2, since that’s being held equally under wraps by the same studio — Disney. Obviously, Gad voiced the snowman Olaf in Frozen, a role which basically catapulted him to fame.

However, they both agree that the title sounds ominous. To be fair, Ridley has yanked us around before in regards to Star Wars details, so I take everything she says or doesn’t say with a grain of salt.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters on Dec. 15.