Downton Abbey Fans Should Anticipate Official Announcement of a Movie


Downton Abbey fans can almost breathe a sigh of relief because the official announcement of the movie should be coming soon.

Talk of a movie version of the wildly popular television show Downton Abbey has been swirling since the show ended but it looks like it might actually get greenlit. is reporting the official announcement will be coming soon.

A source close to the production of Downton Abbey movie has stated that writer Julian Fellowes remains positive, “the financing ducks are being lined up very nicely” and that a press release could be “imminent.”

Most fans of the show are wondering if all of the wonderful characters will be back for the movie and it seems like it’s a resounding “Yes!” Recently, Jim Carter, who plays Carson, the butler, revealed to Good Morning Britain “to keep ourselves available for dates in the future” for the Downton Abbey the movie. He also stated that he has yet to see a script. The only one who might be a challenge in locking down will be Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary. It was just announced that Dockery’s television show Good Behavior was picked up for a second season. I’m sure Fellows will work out the timing to make sure all of our favorites get to appear in the movie.

We still don’t have word on what will be the main plot point for the film version of Downton Abbey of if Julian Fellows will add a time jump to the storyline. The last time we left Downton Abbey, everyone seemed to get their happy ending. Lady Edith and Mary got married and seemingly peace with each other. The Bates have a new baby boy and Carson, and Mrs. Hughes finally got married. As fans of the show, we know that the peace and tranquility won’t last for long.

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