17 Little Known Shows To Stream When You’ve Run Out Of Ideas

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Vanilla Ice Goes Amish

Yes. This is a thing, and if you really want me to be honest, it’s not all that bad. As far as exploitative reality programs go, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish isn’t half as offensive or insulting as some of the other dreck floating around out there. (Looking directly at you, The Simple Life).

There’s an entire market out there for home improvement television, and if you fall into this demographic, then this little DIY network darling is just for you. After Vanilla Ice rode his “Ice Ice Baby” fame into the ground, he searched to stay relevant, embarrassing himself in a series of reality stints that include a celebrity boxing match with Todd Bridges and a run on The Surreal Life. If this makes you feel sad for Vanilla Ice, known to the Amish as just Rob, don’t fret. He’s found his niche in TV home repair, and he’s parlayed this brand-change into a pretty lucrative career fixing up homes on TV, with the (moderately) successful Vanilla Ice Project.

This spin off is more of the same. It relies pretty heavily on Rob’s charm and the contrasting “fish out of water” bit that drives its premise. It’s really kind of addicting, as he goes from one Amish home to another, renovating and remodeling  his way into their conservative little hearts. It’s adorable, even though it’s kitschy and silly, and you won’t regret getting sucked into Amish country.

You can stream full episodes of Vanilla Ice Goes Amish on the DIY Network website.