17 Little Known Shows To Stream When You’ve Run Out Of Ideas

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Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva is the TV equivalent to cotton candy.  It’s very sweet – bordering on saccharine, sometimes – it has very little substance, and you’ll feel like you need to wash your hands after. It’s also fun and just downright delightful.

The premise of Drop Dead Diva surrounds the soul-switch of two women who died at the same time. Jane, an assertive, tough-talking, plus-sized lawyer hits the “return” button when she gets to heaven, and accidentally arrives back on Earth with Deb’s soul instead of her own.

Deb was a perky, blond model and actress,  and now she has to adjust to living in Jane’s body – combining all her memories with Jane’s. This show really maxes out your capability to suspend your disbelief, but once you get past the confusing high concept, it’s really pretty good.

On top of all the soul-switching stuff, it’s also a legal drama with a case-of-the-week formula, and it’s also a romantic comedy, as Jane deals with her feelings for Deb’s finance. Brooke Elliot’s Jane is so enthusiastic and energetic you can’t help but be completely endeared to her. It’s light-hearted fun, but it’s fun nonetheless.

All six seasons of Drop Dead Diva are available on Netflix.