17 Old TV Shows That Deserve A Netflix Reboot Right Now

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Wonder Woman

Although Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman is about all the goals wrapped up in one perfect package, it might be a little unrealistic to think she could reprise her iconic role at age 65. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she is still slaying all day, and probably looks better than I did when I was 25. However, we need to revamp this franchise and breathe a little fresh air into it.

The Wonder Woman TV legacy has been beleaguered, to say the least. Adrianne Palicki attempted to reprise the role (bless her heart) back in 2011, but the pilot never even aired. It was plagued with petty problems, and NBC just failed to have enough faith in it.

As a Wonder Woman purist, I would be satisfied with a reboot with identical roots to the 70’s classic. Although the Palicki vehicle reimagined Diana as a powerful CEO by day and the badass Amazon warrior by night, I’d settle for paradigm Carter created in the first series.

The Wonder Woman of the 70’s took a lot of blowback for often being cheesy and ill-advised, but I think the cheese would track perfectly in TV world where superheros are taken so freaking seriously. What if we could see a new Wonder Woman series get the Deadpool treatment? Fingers crossed forever.