17 Old TV Shows That Deserve A Netflix Reboot Right Now

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Will and Grace

Okay. Okay. In the spirit of full disclosure, there are rumors about a Will and Grace reboot making the rounds right now. But until I see it for my very own eyes, I’m going to keep on wishing and hoping. Besides, you never, ever give up on a show this funny and smart. Never. Ever.

Like so many of the shows on this list, Will and Grace was wildly popular with both critics and in the ratings. It was one of the earliest shows on network television that featured gay main characters, but it never felt like we were being preached to or fussed at. The beauty of Will and Grace is that it always knew exactly what it was: a hilarious sitcom about four friends that were kind of awful, but still really cared about each other. It just so happened that they addressed social issues, expanded our worldview, and asked us to accept inclusion and diversity.

A new version of this show couldn’t exist without the original cast, so it would have to be all or nothing. I can’t imagine another actress in the world doing a better and more delightfully vapid and grating Karen Walker than Megan Mullally. In the TV universe, I feel the strongest kinship with her.