17 Old TV Shows That Deserve A Netflix Reboot Right Now

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Some of us are waaaay too young to remember when M*A*S*H originally aired in 1972. The wartime drama was set in the less-covered Korean War and featured stories told from the front lines of a medical tent populated with a mix of reluctant soldiers, dissenters, and devoted patriots.

It was the first of its kind, as well. It was, and might still be, the only half-hour comedy set among the atrocities of war. Although its characters were fighting the Korean War, it was an unabashed allegory for the Vietnam War that was still raging at the time of its airing. In fact, it was so popular that its finale is still the most-watched TV episode ever.

Most of the actors are in advanced in age now, but an all new reboot, if done right, could be the scathing, satirical vehicle we need, in light of recent changes in our political climate. (Ahem, ahem.)

Of course, a reimagining would have to include an update in its political commentary – I don’t know how well a Korean War comedy would hold up in 2017. But there are countless wars and battles raging around the world. It seems like there would be plenty of material ripe for the picking.