Top 20 Most Memorable Face Off Looks of All Time

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Season 1: Samantha’s Psychedelic Little Mermaid

I actually didn’t think Conor should win based on his finale pieces in the first season. However, taking his entire body of work into account, the win still does make sense. Perhaps as proof that the season still has some of the strongest artists the show has ever landed in its history, my favorites from this first finale belonged to Samantha Cobb and her take on The Little Mermaid rather than Conor’s Frog Prince-inspired ghost story work. (Yes, they had to reimagine fairy tales in another style or genre.)

Samantha was just as strong of a competitor as Conor was throughout the season, and she lucked out in the final episode by landing Jo and Megan as her assistants. The red wig she used, a nod to the Disney classic, only made her trippy nearly full-body make up that much more of a howler. In the end, it came down to the judges going with the side of “over the course of the season” rather than just what was put forth for judging on the final day. However, if you wonder why SyFy has made all the seasons available to watch on the Internet, it’s due to how great both these competitors were.