Top 20 Most Memorable Face Off Looks of All Time

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Image via SyFy

Season 1: Conor & Tom’s Elephant Man

Back in Face Off Season 1, Syfy didn’t have a clue this was about to be their powerhouse show of the decade. In fact, they weren’t really sure what the contestants would be able to do either. With only eight weeks of episodes, and challenges that were far more generic (the sponsored and branded challenges wouldn’t come until later), the contestants were freer in their abilities to innovate.

Sometimes, though, the simplest concepts were the most effective, as you can see from Conor McCullagh’s Elephant Man look he did with fellow contestant Tom Devlin. This was from the very first episode, where the challenge was to create creatures based on one of three specific animals. The artists could choose an ostrich, a black beetle, or an elephant. Conor and Tom came up with the idea of working in the famous concept of the “elephant man” and taking things to a far more literal level than the original Victorian-era curiosity, down to adding in tusks and a miniature trunk.

The judges were tickled by it, and Conor took the win for the look. He also eventually went on to take the win for the entire season too.