Top 20 Most Memorable Face Off Looks of All Time

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Season 6: George’s Robot Hairdresser

The other best challenge of Season 6 was the non-horror themed cybernetics challenge from Top Five week. Though one could argue that the inspiration is horrifying, as the episode started out with McKenzie contemplating what jobs robots will take from us 50 years into the future. (Perhaps we can build a wall to keep them out? Oh wait.)

I will not make the argument that that week’s winner (and eventual season winner) Rashaad’s firefighter robot wasn’t awesome, because it was. But if I had been on the judge’s panel, I would have argued that George’s Robot Hairdresser was far more sleek and interesting of a concept. It helped that he went for the curved carlike (or maybe Apple-product like) look for his robot. It could also easily be mistaken for a Star Wars Imperial Administrative Assistant than hairdresser, if you don’t look closely at the hands. Part of the charm is how retro futuristic it feels. (Ve says she would totally go to the salon staffed by this robot. I agree.) Note that there are also make up tools on the robot’s fingers, so she’s not just a hairstylist–she’s a full service salon worker. Available for weddings, bat mitzvahs and funerals.