Top 20 Most Memorable Face Off Looks of All Time

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Season 7: Sasha’s Sad Clown Doll

Season 7 saw the introduction of “themes” for the season, beginning with the overwrought “Life and Death”. Honestly, it was more than a little silly, and moreover, the show seemed to forget about it for weeks at a time, rendering the entire exercise basically moot. Once again, the idea was to take the show in a more “horror” direction, meaning that there weren’t that many looks or challenges that didn’t consist of boys throwing gore on their models and hoping it stuck.

Perhaps that’s why Sasha, whose lack of confidence got her eliminated and saved once already before this look, was such a breath of fresh air when she stopped worrying and just made what was in her head. The best of those was her beautiful clown doll for scary clowns week. After two seasons of lots of horror, it was one of the prettiest make ups we’d seen on the show in a while. it helped as well that unlike her competitors, she went old school in the harlequin references on the face makeup, while everyone else went for more modern interpretations. It scored her the win for the challenge, and it was well deserved too.