Top 20 Most Memorable Face Off Looks of All Time

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Season 6: Graham’s Snozzwanger

After Season 5 was over, for Season 6, that year’s winter edition, the show returned to a full compliment of new talent. But there was another factor that they had to contend with. Face Off was now so popular that SyFy was attempting new versions of it. The ill-fated one that ran in tandem with this season was Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. That only lasted one round, but the whimsical nature of the challenges in that hour drove Face Off to aim for a more cybernetic and horror bend to their challenges so there wouldn’t be much overlap.

This meant that the few whimsical theme weeks that did occur were all the more precious when they showed up. It also meant that as the season went on, the horror make up artists who were succeeding this season suddenly had a tougher time with them. Still, the trip to the world of Willy Wonka did produce this slightly terrifying but mostly Britishly silly Snozzwanger from Graham. Yes, it’s a little on the Nightmare Barbar side. But the Oompa Loompa skulls and bag of snozzberries (everyone knows the best bait for a Snozzwanger is snozzberries!) are a nice touch. This should have won the day, but instead the judges went with Tyler’s far more horror laden vision of a Whangdoodle, even if it reminded me of an actual drawing of Vermicious Knids.