15 reasons the Star Wars Holiday Special is actually terrible

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Image courtesy of Disney

4. The Stormtroopers Tormenting a Child

Okay, look, yes, the Stormtroopers are meant to be terrible people and they are part of the Empire. But the scene where they literally destroy a little Wookie’s room, and then make him clean it up  — ridiculous. Why? That is unnecessary and rude. Plus, this is supposed to be a special for the holidays. We are supposed to be entertained over the Christmas season!

So then why do they have the Empire ruining a small child’s toys? That just makes us angry. We’re not happy about a toy getting destroyed just because the Empire is evil. If you wanted it to be a holiday special, maybe just make Chewie with his family and Han all together celebrating Life Day with Luke and Leia? That would have been better than whatever lack of storyline this stupid thing has.

Who thought we’d enjoy seeing a toy Tauntaun getting ripped apart and watching a child Wookie crying about it? Yeah, the Empire is evil and they were showing us that but maybe not during the holidays? That just kind of sucks.

Next time you want to make a Star Wars Holiday Special, keep your terrible Stormtroopers out of it so we don’t get upset, too.