15 reasons the Star Wars Holiday Special is actually terrible

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3. Lumpy Being a Genius

Lumpy somehow constructs a communicator and tells the Stormtroopers to return to their base. But one Stormtrooper just decides to stay behind. The communicator keeps telling everyone to return to base, so the Stormtrooper destroys it before Han makes the trooper trip off the very high front porch of Chewie and Malla.

Honestly, I wish it was joke, but it wasn’t. Lumpy is literally the reason that the troopers leave. Further, he’s the reason that Han and Chewie don’t get killed. Lumpy, the same child who played a game that made him hit three buttons and was excited about. He created a communicator and outsmarted about five adults of the Empire.

How? That is better answered by someone like George Lucas because who else knows. I bet if you asked him, he probably wouldn’t even know why. He probably wanted someone to get the troopers out and thought, “Sure, let’s make this small child save everyone and let us make it make no sense.”

That is the only thing that would make sense. If you can make any sense out of the Star Wars Holiday Special to begin with. Maybe one day someone can figure it all out and let us know.