15 reasons the Star Wars Holiday Special is actually terrible

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5. Lack of Carrie Fisher

While I am well aware of the fact that she was using cocaine and they tried to use her as little as possible, it doesn’t change the fact that Carrie Fisher was not in this enough. Yes, at the time no one knew how important Leia would end up being to everyone. But she still was one of the three leads.

And Luke and Han were in it more than she was. Which again, I contribute to the drug use but why even include her if you’re not going to put her in it more? It is just upsetting. I want to see Leia and not just in one scene or in the weird Life Day ending when everyone somehow gets into this cherished Wookie tradition.

Leia could have totally come and tried to help Malla, Itchy and Lumpy. Leia is royalty. She could have come and figured out a way to stop that Stormtrooper from destroying Lumpy’s room. But instead, they kept Leia out of it until they wanted Carrie Fisher to sing.

While it is great and we get to hear Carrie’s beautiful singing voice, again, why bother having her in it at all? It’s just so strange and I wanted more Leia.