Cosplays for the Holidays: 11 Costume Ideas for Your Holiday Party

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Get the look that Geillis Duncan, as played by Lotte Verbeek, wore on Outlander, Season 1 Episode 4: “The Gathering.” This iconic outfit completely embodies Geillis Duncan’s wild character. Geillis wears this gray ensemble to the MacKenzie clan gathering where she knows everyone will see her. She dresses to impress, and possibly also to distress. She likes to set the people around her on edge.

To get this look, here’s what you need: gray faux-fur vest; white, collarless long-sleeved shirt (puffy-ended sleeves good, but not necessary); wide gray ribbon to use as a belt; long gray skirt; five additional skirts; and pointy red shoes or boots. To complete the transformation into Geillis Duncan, add a long red wig, a bald cap, and glossy red lipstick.

To put it all together, first don the long-sleeved shirt and the five skirts that aren’t the long, gray one. (You can put on tights here if you want. No idea what, if anything, Geillis wears under her skirts.) Put the long, gray skirt over the other skirts, and tuck in the white shirt. Now, put on the gray fur vest, but wear it backward. Tie the gray ribbon around your waist and slip into the pointy red shoes. To complete the look, don the bald cap, and wear the wig over it so it looks like you have a very high forehead, like Lotte Verbeek’s. Liberally coat your lips with the red gloss.

To act in character when you go to your holiday gathering, attempt to collect money for the Jacobite cause. Regale your fellow guests with visions of a free Scotland that has thrown off the yoke of British tyranny. After the Brexit vote, this is as relevant as it was 200 years ago. Alba gu bràth!

Just try not to kill any husbands.

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