Cosplays for the Holidays: 11 Costume Ideas for Your Holiday Party

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Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

So. Many. Options. This movie is a goldmine of cosplay inspirations and fashion-forward sensibilities. The movie has been out barely a month, so these cosplays aren’t obvious yet. But with the help of Hot Topic and some imagination, you can party in 1920s magical style! 

Both Tina and Queenie have an incredible array of clothes to choose from. Rock Tina’s periwinkle pantsuit, or Queenie’s deep blue v-neck shirt. The flapper fashion was the sign of the times. Queenie and Tina both have something glam when going to the Blind Pig. Throw some glitter on yourself and roll your curls up. Just don’t forget the password! 

Just don’t forget the password! 

Or maybe you want something to show you’re large and in charge? Wear President Piquery’s purple frock. This Erte-inspired, Art Deco piece is to die for and will leave everyone will their jaws dropped. And if you want to keep it casual, Seraphina’s pantsuit and headwrap will keep things chic and in control. 

As for the menfolk, you can certainly dress as Newt Scamander. His coat alone is worthy of a holiday outing. Just add the right pair of suspenders and a bowtruckle and the look is complete. 

Or if you want something more traditional, why not go for the Percival Graves look? Black, tailored, with a small gray streak. Just don’t forget your Deathly Hallows necklace. 

from Melissa Slaughter