Cosplays for the Holidays: 11 Costume Ideas for Your Holiday Party

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From The Empire Strikes Back (1980). Image via Lucasfilm/Disney.

Star Wars

What’s more appropriate than Star Wars right now with Rogue One in theaters? Very little, we say. With Star Wars, there are always plenty of options, but we’ll boil it down to Princess Leia and Jyn Erso.

Princess Leia

Wear white. No, seriously, that’s your best bet here. Of course, you don’t want to go for all, full-blown white. We’ll discuss Leia’s Hoth outfit here as primary inspiration. Wear a cute vest over a sweater or long-sleeved tee, then wear skinny pants and some action boots. Maybe actually use a black-and-white look, and say you’re also doing a little Han Solo as well. Now, here’s the vest debate: puffy or not?

That’s up to you and up to the level of dress at the party or gathering you’re planning to pull this cosplay off. The big details you’ll need to pull off this look is a braided hairstyle similar to Leia’s (use braids over the crown of your head or along the sides of your head) and a gentle red lip.

From Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016 trailer). Image via Lucasfilm/Disney.

Jyn Erso

If Leia wears white, Jyn’s more associated with black and especially her Imperial disguise. You could also base a look off of Jyn’s brown leather jacket. This outfit could definitely read a little more casual. Underneath your leather jacket, wear some greys and blacks, and be prepared to inform people that you rebel.

Jyn’s hairstyle isn’t as complicated, and she also sports a very clean look. Spies don’t have time to put a lot of makeup on when they’re stealing the Death Star plans, you know.

from Cheryl Wassenaar

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That wraps up our 11 best holiday cosplay ideas for this season! What will you be wearing to any holiday parties you’re attending?