25 Netflix shows you could binge over the holiday weekend

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6. Descendants of the Sun

Should you have paid attention to what trended on Twitter in the past year (or Google’s top searches of the year), you may at least recognize the name Descendants of the Sun. It’s a South Korean drama series which aired earlier this year.

Our protagonists are Yoo Si-jin, a soldier in the South Korean Special Forces, and Kang Mo-yeon, a surgeon. With such differing paths in life, they might not seem like a perfect couple, but it’s a drama. In other words, it’s time for some romance.

Since the entire show is in Korean, you’ll likely have to watch with English subtitles. However, should you manage to stay alert enough to keep reading as you watch, you’ll find a great story and a great foothold into the world of South Korean dramas. Netflix actually has a strangely robust set of Korean TV shows, just for the record.

Descendants of the Sun has a rating of TV-14, making it suitable for teens and up, and with 16 episodes of about an hour, it ranks towards the higher end of our scale. However, just remember: you’re broadening your horizons and watching something so popular that it appears alongside shows like Game of Thrones and The Crown on Google’s list.