20 Reasons the Harry Potter Movies are Christmas Movies

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1. Harry’s Invisibility Cloak

Harry gets the Invisibility Cloak during his first Christmas at Hogwarts. We later learn of its significance as the series goes on, but that initial view at the magic that is the cloak made us fall in love with the lore of it. We didn’t know much about it, just that the cloak once belonged to James Potter and now, it was Harry’s.

Later we learn of the Tale of the Three Brothers, the Deathly Hallows and the origin of the cloak itself, but that first moment at Christmas gave us all something magically to want.

Seeing that reveal of Harry as just a floating head shocked us all as kids. We remember the magic of seeing that cloak in action and how amazing it truly was. And when did Harry receive that cloak? At Christmas. It was his first and only gift he got from his father that he remembered, and it truly is a very special moment. But it is one of the reasons that many fans see this series as a Christmas movie.

We got to watch a little boy get to open gifts for the first time in his life and receive something from his father who died years before. It is amazing!