20 Reasons the Harry Potter Movies are Christmas Movies

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12. Arthur Weasley Returns for Christmas at Number 12

Arthur Weasley almost died, and Harry Potter saved him. While Harry doesn’t really think of himself as a hero, everyone else is so very happy to have Harry in their lives. Arthur returns to Grimmauld Place in time for Christmas, and everyone cheers to Harry.

Sirius can tell that something is up and that’s why he gives Harry a talk but this holiday scene shows us a lot about Arthur Weasley. Up until this point, we always saw him as Ron’s quirky dad. He loved Muggles and mainly wanted to know how Muggles functioned.

While we knew he worked in the Ministry of Magic and was highly intelligent, Order of the Phoenix gave us a whole new respect for Mr. Weasley. This scene in particular shows us just how strong he really is.

He almost died, but he made sure to come back to his family. He got better, came home for Christmas, and praised someone else for saving him. He is just a stand up man and a role model to everyone. If we could all be just half as kind as Arthur Weasley, the world would be better off. So while that Christmas was dark and sad, it was also important to us because it gave us a new respect for Arthur.