Subscription Box Gifts Have Your Shopping List Taken Care Of

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Photo courtesy of Urban Organic Gardener

For the Cook

Urban Organic Gardener ($10)
This is a monthly seed club that sends five seed packs per month plus “bonus items”. Great for that green thumb!
Graze ($12)
Graze is a snack box with over 100 snacks to choose from. All snacks are free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and GMOs.
Nature Box ($17)
Naturebox gives you 4 snacks per month (starting. You can choose how many and how often you want shipment). Snacks are “nutritionist approved” to be healthy and free of crud.

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OrangeGlad ($25)
OrangeGlad is an artisan dessert subscription. They send five exclusive desserts each month.
Lick My Dip ($28)
For the hot sauce enthusiast (Ahem, dad…). Each box includes chilli products (not just sauces) for those who want to burn their taste buds off.
Plated ($28)
Plated is a meal service that sends you recipes and all the ingredients needed to make easy, delicious, healthy dinners.

Image courtesy of Carnivore Club

Taste Trunk: Gourmet ($35)
Taste Trunk sends out an assortment of gourmet food items. They also offer boxes specializing in sausage, tacos, chocolate, coffee, bourbon, and many, many more.
Carnivore Club ($50)
Ultimate Meat Club for Discerning Individuals“. This box sends out curated cured meats from around the world monthly.
Robb Vices ($75)
Robb Vices is for the person on your list who is maybe slightly pretentious and loves fine things. It includes all sorts of kitchen and home goodies, made with quality and style.

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Our fave
Raw Spice Bar ($8)
Each month get fresh spice kits to add the flavors of the world to your meals. You’ll get three flavor kits from a new region each month and recipes to go with them! Why it’s my fave: It’s got the allure of a meal service but without the high cost. Buy your own ingredients, use their spices!
Kitchen Table Passport ($25)
This meal/ food service includes recipes from a specific locale, herbs & spices needed, a card describing the region and dish, and little hand-crafted mementos from the region. Why it’s my fave: Eat around the world, even in your rural kitchen.
SoBakeable ($35)
This is a dessert baking subscription! You’ll get all the ingredients and recipe cards to make two desserts each month. It also includes a baking gift (kitchen utensil) as a keepsake, and exclusive access to the SoBakeable app. Why it’s my fave: A twist on the “meal subscription” idea!