Subscription Box Gifts Have Your Shopping List Taken Care Of

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Image courtesy of Kiwi Crate.

For the Kids

Animal Trackers Club ($15)
Animal Trackers Club is for kids 3 and up. Each month, Bode Bear (the mascot) tracks a new animal. Kids’ packets include an information card about the animal being tracked, a magnet to add to the Animal Tracker lunchbox (comes with starter kit), a foam animal mask, and a hand-painted animal figure.

Tinker Crate ($20)
Meant for kids aged nine and up, this crate is delivered monthly and includes all materials needed to create a STEM project, step-by-step instructions, the Tinker Zine, and online videos with tips, tricks, and other information about that month’s project. The company behind this crate, Kiwi Crate, Inc., also makes the Koala Crate (ages 3-4), the Kiwi Crate (ages 5-8), and the Doodle Crate (ages 9+).
Junior Explorers ($21)
Junior Explorers is for kids aged five to eleven. Each adventure sent to the home includes materials needed to complete missions about different animals and ecosystems. In addition to tangible materials, kids can access additional resources online for more fun and games. For each mission completed, Junior Explorers gives $1 in support of conservation.

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GIRLS CAN! Crate ($30)
The GIRLS CAN! Crate strives to breakdown gender role stereotypes and empower girls to do whatever they want- because they CAN. Crates (which you can choose for a single child or multiple children) include information about a female role model, an activity book, 2-3 activities, play props, stickers and more!
School Box Club ($30)
School Box Club sends your student all the things they need to have a fun and effective learning experience. Parents or caretakers will take a survey determining the student’s needs, and boxes include supplies, activities, workbooks and more. Each box purchased equals one box donated to a child in need.
M is for Monster ($15-$60)
M is for Monster is meant for pre-school aged children. They offer three different activity levels depending on your child’s age and learning style, and the option for purchasing single themes ($15) or monthly subscriptions ($59). Each kit includes activities to each your child colors, numbers, letters, and more.

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Wonderful Objects for Kids ($72)
The Wonderful Objects box is for kids ages 9-14 and includes a make-your-own-story adventure each quarter (Only 4 boxes/ year). Curated boxes include magical and mysterious objects that are meant to stimulate your child’s mind to be creative.
Mail Order Mystery ($89)
The Mail Order Mystery goes all out. You get what you pay for right? To start, you choose which mystery you’d like your child to receive, and when you’d like it to begin. With your order confirmation, the gifter will receiver a downloadable gift note to give to the child. The gifter will also receive additional resources in their email so they know what’s going on. Then, letters and other objects begin arriving by mail, all connected to the mystery. After a few weeks, it will come to a conclusion, and the last box includes a keepsake related to the adventure!
Sprouting Threads ($90)
I tend to stay away from the “personalized style” services, because there’s nothing quite like going to a store and trying things on for yourself, but this one for kids seemed to good to pass over! Take a quiz, receive clothes, style your kid! This is similar to adult style services- keep what you like, return the rest.

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Our faves:
Top Secret Agent Mission Spy Kits ($15)
This one is best for kids between 5-10, but can be for older kids and adults, too! Get the entire family involved! Just pick your mission and then check the mail. Spy gear and tasks will arrive to the home. Like a game, the child will try to piece the mystery together to solve it! Why it’s my fave: It’s the mystique of Mail Order Mystery without breaking the bank.
The Magic School Bus Science Club ($20)
If your child doesn’t know about The Magic Schoolbus, this might be a great way to introduce them! Each month/adventure is based on the books and TV show. Boxes come with experiments, learning activities, and exclusive online clubhouse access for more activities and adventures with Ms. Frizzle and her students! Why it’s my fave: MAGIC SCHOOL BUS. Need I say more?
My Amazing Pen Pal ($25)
My Amazing Pen Pal is Greg, and each month Greg visits a new country. My Amazin Pen Pal crates include a treasure chest, a journal, password, activity book, post cards and recipes, treasures from the country and exclusive access to the adventure website. Why it’s my fave: Learn about animals, countries, and new cultures with a neat bundle in the mail!