Kitchen Geek Gifts For The Winter Holidays

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Doctor Who ice cube tray ice box and dalek bottle opener (Screencaps via BBC Shop)

Doctor Who Kitchen Geek Gifts

Timey wimey holiday gifts aren’t hard to find. Doctor Who isn’t as popular as Star Wars this year, but there’s still a lot of cool merchandise out there, much of it featuring the iconic blue call box.

The BBC shop sells official Doctor Who items that are really very nice. One is the TARDIS soup and sandwich vortex set. Other official items include the TARDIS ice bucket and ice tray, 50th anniversary lidded silver mug, and a TARDIS trash can with VWORP VWORP sound effects. Then there’s this adorable Dalek talking bottle opener, and a TARDIS and dalek cream and sugar set for tea at absolutely any time (or dimension).

Outside of the beeb store, there’s a whole universe of Doctor Who stuff for kitchen geeks. There’s a TARDIS Teapot, Dalek cloth cocktail napkins and a TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar.

Last but not least are these hand-made Doctor Who wine charms from Charms by Christy to help drunken holiday party guests keep track of their wine, if not the time.