Kitchen Geek Gifts For The Winter Holidays

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BB-8 Wafflemaker and Death Star Wafflemaker (Screencaps via Think Geek and The Wireless Catalog)

Star Wars Kitchen Geek Gifts

It’s hard NOT to find Star Wars-themed gifts this year. I can’t walk three steps for tripping over another piece of Darth Vader swag. That’s cool, though. I have loved Star Wars since A New Hope came out when I was 5. It’s really cool to see that everyone else loves it this much. I can’t hate.

And pretty soon, we will all be looking back, wishing we’d have bought some of this cool stuff instead of being annoyed that omg everyone loves Star Wars now it’s ruined. Don’t spit on this good forture out of nerd pride!

The force will be strong in your Christmas morning breakfast with Star Wars toast and waffles when you buy these gifts for your family chef. The Darth Vader helmet-shaped toaster with three darkness settings (the anger is strong in this toast) and a Rogue One Stormtrooper Toaster that subjugates rebel bread with a Galactic Empire seal.

Darth Vader Toaster and Rogue One Logo Storm Trooper Toaster (Screencaps via The Wireless Catalog and

No balanced breakfast is complete without waffles representing both the dark side and light side of the force from this Death Star waffle maker and this BB-8 waffle maker.

For snacks while binge watching all 15 hours of the Star Wars universe, nothing could be more appropriate than a Death Star hot air popcorn maker. This package even comes with a bag of “empire dark side” popcorn.

For your Aunt Beru, I recommend baking items like this R2D2 measuring cup set and droid kitchen container set that she can use to store flour and sand and whatever else they use to make biscuits on Tatooine. And she can roll out the dough on this Death Star wooden cutting board.

This is my personal favorite: the Darth Vader light saber handheld immersion blender. Buy one of these for me. Yes I already have an immersion blender. I don’t care.

Some other cool choices are this Darth Vader oven glove set and Stormtrooper silicone oven mitt. Cooks and bakers always need more of these.

Buy this Death Star kitchen timer to make sure your favorite cook doesn’t don’t burn your breakfast to a crisp like Anakin Skywalker. Ew that is not appetizing, sorry.

And finally, there’s this delight: light-up chop “sabers”. When you strike down your stir fry with these utensils, it shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

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This bounty (hunter) can’t last forever, so stock up on Star Wars memorabilia for your kitchen while you can! Your friends will treasure these fun kitchen geek gifts for years to come.