Kitchen Geek Gifts For The Winter Holidays

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Star Trek Borg cube mini fridge (Screencaps via Think Geek)

Star Trek Kitchen Geek Gifts

Although you need to dig for it (which I did for you, you’re welcome), you can find a lot of Star Trek gifts for kitchen geeks.

Etsy artists make some great Star Trek gifts. The whole family will love these Star Trek word fridge magnets from TheDContinuum on Etsy. Choose from DS-9, TNG  or Voyager word magnets.

SpecialStitchesByAnn makes these cute Star Trek quilted potholders and
DesignsofFaithandJoy produces ceramic tile coasters printed with vintage Star Trek movie posters.

The official Star Trek shop has some gems, like TNG wine charms, a Make it So apron, Enterprise cutting board set and silly Captain Kirk Can Kooler that looks like a Starfleet uniform shirt. And keep your mind on summer cookouts (I bet they have those on Risa) with this Next Generation BBQ Set and Enterprise D Bottle Opener.

Of course, Think Geek has some of the coolest stuff. First, there’s an Enterprise Pizza Cutter, which I actually really need. Our OXO pizza cutter fell to pieces last time we used it. And every away mission to the kitchen deserves a Star Trek The Next Generation Apron to keep your jumpsuit free of stains if you’re called to the bridge.

This is my favorite Star Trek gift: a Borg cube fridge. This is perfect for the friend whose milk is always being assimilated by rude office coworkers. It even has a warm setting, just like an actual Borg cube (Borgs like it hot)! With a personal Borg desk cube, any lunch stealing attempts will be futile.