A Comprehensive Holiday Gift Guide For The TV Lover In Your Life

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When you want to express your innermost holiday wishes, where else should you turn for a poignant quote than the NBC series, Parks and Recreation? Sure, you may be thinking that Leslie Knope or Ron Swanson is your go-to, but that means you’re overlooking an excellent resource for wisdom and clarity.

Nobody says it better than Tom Haverford, especially if you’re trying to say it in trendy jargon, with an annoying sense of entitlement and arrogance. This year, when you start to compile your holiday card list, make sure to save these Parks and Rec cards for the folks deserve a Pawnee Christmas.

These cards come in an assortment of characters and quotes, so it’ll be easy to decide, among your friends who gets the Leslie and who gets the Ron.

Tom Haverford Christmas Card – Parks and Recreation – $3.07/each

Etsy – Famous Last Cards