A Comprehensive Holiday Gift Guide For The TV Lover In Your Life

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Photo: Etsy/FrecklesFelts

Nothing says “I’m gangster” like a hand-stitched embroidery hoop. Amirite? Especially if you learned to embroider while you were on ice doing a stint in a maximum security women’s prison.

Most of us haven’t done hard time, and for that matter, most of us don’t know how to embroider, either. Buying this gift, fully formed, takes care of both of those pesky little problems.

Give this embroidery hoop to the person in your life who might actually believe you sat down and made it yourself. And since you’ve watched so much Orange Is The New Black you might convince your pals you made this while doing your time.

If lying about a Christmas present just seems like way too much work, just hand this over to an OITNB fan whose favorite character is Crazy Eyes. You’ll make the entire holiday for them, and you won’t even have to deal with any false origin stories.

Orange is the New Black Crazy Eyes Dandelion. Hand Embroidery Hoop Art – $18.56

Etsy – Freckles Felt