A Comprehensive Holiday Gift Guide For The TV Lover In Your Life

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Photo: Etsy/QuietSnooze

Sometimes you gotta find small token gifts to give out because your budget doesn’t allow you to go all out for everyone. This understated key chain would make the perfect gift for Daredevil fans who are a little more lowkey than the rest of us.

If you know somebody who loves Matt Murdock,  & Co, but wouldn’t love a replica suit or mask, here’s your solution. But let’s talk about you socializing with people who wouldn’t love a Daredevil mask and suit. You need to reassess those acquaintanceships.

This keychain is cheap enough, so that you could buy a dozen or so and put them in stockings, pass them out at the office, or give them to the mailman. It’s an excellent opportunity to convert some viewers to the gritty drama and flex your expansive superhero knowledge. Because you know you want to.

Daredevil NELSON & MURDOCK Keychain – $2

Etsy – Quiet Snooze