25 fandoms directly inspired by politics

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A television show about the Korean war. Of course it’s about politics. What else do you think it would be about? Just some friends hanging out in a war zone? M. A. S. H is a show about a base during the Korean war and how they step up when needed.

Following a Medical Army Surgical Hospital in the thick of the war, it is pretty clear how politics play a part in the show. It is about a war. What do you expect? If you go into M. A. S. H and think you can escape politics by going into a show about a war then you have a whole nother slue of problems.

You can follow Alan Alda and the cast on their journey through war and friendship and trying to make it out alive. M. A. S. H taught us all what it meant to remain true to yourself in hard times and really, that lesson alone makes the politics of us all worth it.

The show is great though and a classic. If you’ve never seen M. A. S. H  it is definitely something that everyone should see at some point throughout their lives. Just maybe not right now if you’re tired of hearing about politics. Because you’ll definitely hear about them in this show.