25 fandoms directly inspired by politics

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CTU agent Jack Bauer goes through what it is like to spend 24 hours in the life of someone who is a counter terrorist agent for the United States of America. Again, another show that if you think you can avoid politics while watching it you might need to reevaluate some things.

24 was an amazing show and gave us high action and fun storylines and an amazing president. David Palmer is what everyone in politics should aspire to be. Too bad he’s fictional or we could’ve just had him run this last year. He would’ve gotten the vote in a landslide.

While there isn’t really a ‘fandom’ for the show, it is high on lists of top shows everyone should watch. It is fantastic and it’s truly amazing what Jack Bauer can do in just 24 hours if he doesn’t sleep. At all.

Honestly if you want to talk about the faults in this show, there are quite a few. Like how he just is always going and never stops and rarely eats in a whole day. And still manages to save the world. But 24 is full of political references and if someone tries to tell you to not bring politics into this one, kindly remind them what show they’re watching.