Here Are 15 Reasons Why Leslie Knope Is Amazing

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Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope on “Parks and Recreation,” copyright NBC

14. She Somehow Survives on a Diet of Waffles

While it is very unhealthy to have the kind of diet that Leslie Knope has, it is something really amazing. She eats waffles like someone told her that they were going to be gone forever and that she needed to eat as many as she possible could before they go.

And she eats them almost every single day. For breakfast, for when her and Ben go to JJ Diner for dinner, for everything. There have been a select few times that Leslie eats something other than waffles. One time, she had a turkey club and some french fries. You can probably count the amount of times she eats something other than waffles on one hand.

She does cook normal food for her children but you have to just think about which kid would love waffles like she does. Or better yet, imagine if they wanted them. Leslie would lose her mind.

In season seven, she tries to talk about eating kale in her milkshake and it looks like Leslie wants to throw up. They do make mac and cheese pizza and other things on the show but it is Leslie’s love of waffles that makes her just like all of us. Waffles are amazing.