Here Are 15 Reasons Why Leslie Knope Is Amazing

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13. She’s an Amazing Mother

While we did not see the triplets that much on the show, it doesn’t mean that Leslie isn’t a fantastic mother. She finds a nice balance between her family life and her career and she has Ben along her side to make it just that little bit easier for her.

At the end of season six, Leslie finds out that she is pregnant with triplet. Sonia, Wesley and Stephen are first seen when the show makes a time jump three years into the future and they are little carbon copies of Leslie and Ben. The two boys have dark hair and are in their gingham shirts like their dad and little Sonia is a blonde, feisty little girl.

The show didn’t show too much of the kids but we got to see little glimpses of them as well as hearing Leslie and Ben talk about their children. It is super sweet because they only seem to love each of the triplets unconditionally. They’re crazy little hyperactive kids (unsurprising since their mother is Leslie) but they are their little monsters.

She does what is best for her family and just wants her family to be happy. She is a great mother on top of everything else and proves that you can do whatever you set your heart to.