Here Are 15 Reasons Why Leslie Knope Is Amazing

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15. She Ends Up Being President of the United States

While we don’t know for sure if it is Leslie or Ben who became the President of the United States, let’s say for arguments sake that it is Leslie who won. How amazing would it be if Leslie was the first woman President? Her entire life she looked up to people and wanted to be a female role model for so many. And for her to be the first woman President? That’d be amazing for her!

And we need someone like Leslie in office. Someone who truly loves America for how diverse and cultured it is. Someone who sees what this country has to offer and who doesn’t want to bring it back to the racist ways of the past.

While on the show, Leslie won the presidency, we know that isn’t true in our world. So imagine if Leslie Knope was real and got to be our president? She would do an amazing job and work her hardest to make us all the best Americans we can be.

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Leslie Knope is what everyone should aspire to me. She loves with all her heart and works to make everyone the best they can be and that truly makes her an amazing person.