A Thanksgiving Playlist to Help Keep You Sane

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“Bloom”, The Paper Kites

I love how delicate and sweet this song is. This track, “Bloom”, is the bonus track on The Paper Kites’ EP Woodland. The song and the album lend themselves to the season, by giving us a feeling of being in the woods and watching the seasons change the trees and sculpt the ground. Then, the lyrics of “Bloom” grants us a feeling of warmth and togetherness. The narrator just wants to be close to the person on the other side of it all. Who doesn’t want that?

"In the morning when I wake And the sun is coming through, Oh, you fill my lungs with sweetness, And you fill my head with you. Shall I write it in a letter? Shall I try to get it down? Oh, you fill my head with pieces Of a song I can’t get out. Can I be close to you? Oh-oh-oh-ooh, ooh Can I be close to you? Ooh, ooh. Can I take it to a morning Where the fields are painted gold And the trees are filled with memories Of the feelings never told?"

"When the evening pulls the sun down, And the day is almost through, Oh, the whole world it is sleeping, But my world is you."