A Thanksgiving Playlist to Help Keep You Sane

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“Titus Was Born”, Young the Giant

This is one of those rare songs that tells a story in the way that we best understand stories—there is a main character, a setting, a plot, and everything moves forward. The setting plays into the character’s development. The character evolves. The plot twists and turns and keeps us guessing. So, too, this song keeps us guessing and tells a beautiful, somewhat mysterious, vague story of Titus, who was born under the eye of a storm.

"Titus was born Under the eye of a storm Rainwater carried his bed Around the world and back again Oh, all the things he had seen Life is a dream Drifting at sea It’s so hard to believe And so, Titus would grow Taller and strong as an oak Rainwater stuck in his head It filled him with words left unsaid Of all the things he might be Drifting at sea At night he would dream Of all stumps at bay To wash the pain away Rain’s falling Falling on you And the stone he was driving Washing away All the trees on the island Rainwater, rainwater In the eye there was a silence But he washed it away Crashing rocks by the sirens It’s falling on you"