21 Things That Netflix’s The Crown Gave Us To Love

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Claire Foy

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth is absolutely superb. She had a pretty impressive career before landing the role that made her world famous but now, everyone knows her name. From Season of the Witch to Wolf Hall, Claire has continually shown her prowess but it is The Crown that gives her a new spark to us all.

The thing about Claire is that she brings an honesty to Elizabeth that many of us have never seen before. We don’t know the Queen apart from her public persona and so this look at her is something new entirely. Though it is fictionalized, it gives us a glimpse into Elizabeth when she’s not standing before everyone waving.

The Queen has a reputation for being cold and Claire brings that to an entirely different light. She shows us a woman who has to be strong for her country and her family and stands tall for the crown.

The coldness that Claire Foy brings to Elizabeth is only because of the circumstances that Elizabeth finds herself in. She has a wandering husband and a country to run. But Claire is absolutely brilliant in the role and makes the audience see Elizabeth as a person rather than a figurehead.