21 Things That Netflix’s The Crown Gave Us To Love

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The Rules of the Crown

Many people think they know how the monarchy works. We think we know exactly what would go into being the king or queen. In reality, we know nothing. But in our minds? We think we know everything there is to know about ruling.

The Crown worked to prove how wrong that way of thinking is. It showed us all just how much about the monarchy we really don’t know. Even Elizabeth doesn’t know everything and she’s the queen.

Learning the rules of the crown is an amazing part of the show. They show all the different aspects of it and the rules that go along with being the monarch that most people never understand. Elizabeth has to run everything by the government, even her personal matters.

She had to tell the government that Philip wanted to learn to fly. It was a personal family thing but they had to approve it. And that’s all just because of the crown. And then there are all the rules that were put into play because of Margaret as well.

The crown is almost its own character. It has the right to decide what can happen in the lives of people surrounding the queen. The crown takes precedence but learning about all the rules of the monarch is one of the most fascinating parts of the show.