21 Things That Netflix’s The Crown Gave Us To Love

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The Crown Season 1, Image via Netflix

Winston and Clementine Churchill

Winston Churchill was a man that many ended up wanting out of office in the end. But we have all learned to appreciate what he was able to do and the power he held. He was an amazing leader and that is the side of him told to all of us in history classes.

But the relationship between Clementine and Winston is something else entirely. She loved him so much and wanted to make sure he was alive and well over whatever duties he promised to uphold. He had a stroke and she wanted him to quit and she wouldn’t let up on it until he finally did retire.

The thing about Winston and Clementine (especially in The Crown) is that they just seemed to work. She understood the man she married and he loved her the best he could. They knew who they married and what they signed up for and it made them an amazing couple.

Their relationship wasn’t perfect and she had to take a lot of care of Winston but they went through hard times together and came out stronger in the end. And let’s be honest, the scene when Clementine wakes up Winston for his birthday is absolutely adorable.