23 National Nightmares We’ve Already Overcome

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#4: Meninism

Meninism is the sometimes ironic but often genuine ignorance-based movement wherein men demand to be treated equally. The thing about meninism is that, while the folks who subscribe to its ideals may not be aware, we in the rest of the population generally refer to the demands of their mission statement as “reality.” The thought that any man, let alone a GROUP of them, has been able to convince himself that because of his gender, he is not treated with equality or virtually handed every single conceivable privilege this world has to offer is LAUGHABLE. The notion that they aren’t being treated with the utmost respect by this generation of women is perhaps valid…..and it’s likely because they do things like CREATE A MENINIST MOVEMENT THAT PURPORTS “REVERSE SEXISM” IS AN ACTUAL THING THAT MUST BE OVERCOME.

It’s a truly enraging concept that, clearly, was conceived only to undermine the struggles of actual minority groups, which makes it all the more repulsive. And in the wake of this election cycle, I’m willing to bet meninists aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Which is honestly great, because we’re going to need something to laugh at for these next four years.