The Feminist Gift Guide: For Every Feminist on Your List!

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“Mothers Against Misogyny” Mug

For: The feminist mom!

Price: $15.20

Let’s be real – for most of us, our moms were the first feminists we ever met. Sure, it may not have felt that way at the time. But think about it. Some of us have moms who work eight hours a day at their job to support their families, and still come home and make dinner for everyone. Some of us have moms who are dismissively called “housewives,” when what that really means is that they work constantly to ensure the support and happiness of their families. Some of us have single moms, who raised us to be strong, smart women (and men!) without any help. Some of us have moms who volunteer at our schools and in our communities, because they want to make the world a better place for us.

Whatever type of mom you have, it’s no question that she fights the patriarchy on the daily. When she was a young girl, she looked at the world that told her she wasn’t worthy, that she wasn’t capable, that she couldn’t or shouldn’t do what she wanted, and then she said, “Nope.” And she raised you, a smart, cool feminist, to believe in yourself and take no prisoners. Moms are feminist icons.

So this mug is perfect. When she gets up for the day, before she rushes off to her high-powered job or starts her novel or packs everyone’s lunchboxes, she can pour her coffee into a container that will remind her of how awesome she is for doing all that she does. She can think about all the misogyny that’s tried to stop her from having the boss life she has. And she can remember that it never stood a chance against her!

She’ll Love It If: She loves telling stories about how much trouble she got into as a kid for not being a ‘lady’; she keeps a copy of Lean In on her desk at work; she wore her pantsuit to the polls to vote for Hillary Clinton this year

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